10 Thoughts Everyone Have In Their Mid Twenties!

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Being 20 something is quite a task but being in your mid-twenties is a bigger one. It is that stage in life where you wonder why you were born and why is this happening to you but then again being fans of characters like Harvey Specter and Jessica Pearson (forgive me for I’m obsessed with Suits 😛 ), you tell yourself that you’ll manage through all of this.

There are just too many things to worry about. You, all of a sudden, feel as though you’ve been forcefully thrown into all of this and all you want to do is to ESCAPE! But there’s no escape, my friend. This society will continue to haunt you more than that ghost from The Conjuring 😛 😀

A few thoughts everyone has in their mid twenties! Read on.

#1. “Oh God! Can people of MY age just stop getting married? Please.”

You can’t manage a relationship and everyone around is tying the knot. Urrrgh! That’s beyond irritating.

#2. “Can people STOP questioning me about my life!”

#Mah Life #Mah Choice. Just take it and GO!

#3. “Urrrgh! Everyone has a ‘work-life’ and me? I’m still trying to figure out what to do!”

All of a sudden, your dumbest classmate seem to be doing better than you. “CAREER wise”.

#4. “Damn! Everyone’s earning and I still need to ask my parents for 10 bucks.”

To be financially dependent on your parents when people of your age aren’t is not a great feeling. :'(

#5. “People have their entire life planned out and look at me! I’m still trying to figure out what to do in the next 5 HOURS!”

You just don’t know what to do with your life and the fact that everyone around you has their life sorted gets you HYPER.

#6. “Let’s just avoid the family function or else they’d again load me with questions!”

Marriage. Career. Relationships. Oh God. These aunts and uncle have too many questions up their sleeves and they never miss a chance to show-off about their kids.

#7. “Where the hell is my life going ?”

You often ask yourself where you stand but yeah! you never ever find an answer to that and maybe, you never will (I say that because I keep asking myself the same damn question  and I ALWAYS FAIL to come up with an answer 😛 ) mid twenties 

#8. “Oh. i wish i was a kid. I wanna go back to school.”

How you hated school when you were in school because back then, it seemed nothing more than just a pain and you so badly wanted to go to college then. Now that you’ve grown and you no longer go to school, you actually want to go back. Uh! Funny yet complicated, human beings are.

#9. “can i just not grow older? Please.”

With age, comes responsibilities. Too many, at that and urrrrgh! can’t handle them.mid twenties 

#10. “I miss my mom! always wanted to lead my life and now, I’m in a mess without her around!”

Back then, as a kid, you just wanted to lead your life and hated it when your mother used to tell you anything but now, you just know one thing for sure that without her around, it’s a mess and no one can handle you better than her. mid twenties 


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