Most Beautiful Valentine’s Destinations – Heart Shaped Islands

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St. Valentine’s is just around the corner and you’re probably thinking what amazing thing to do this time around and make it as memorable as ever! Well, a candle light dinner, a picnic, a shopping spree… all these sound pretty amazing but if you really want to push the envelope, you should opt for a heart-shaped va-cay that’s going to blow your mind!

For all of your romantics who want to add a little extra heart to their already heart-oriented holiday, we’re giving you some of the cutest touristic destinations you could pick. Hope you’ll get as excited as we did!

The Maldives


This one is a true paradise on earth! It’s one of those Mother Nature reminders that – in this world – nothing can compare to her doing.

The Indian Ocean is home to this gorgeous country that is spread out over 35,000 square miles. It is the smallest Asian country in both land area and population, despite being one the world’s most geographically dispersed countries. It’s a mixture of a deserted island paradise and an often visited piece of land that tourist seem to be falling in love with over and over again. So, if your budget allows it – hug your significant other and make your way towards the Maldives!

Makepeace Island, Australia

makepeace island au

If you live in land Down Under or you are big on traveling and adventure, you’ll love Makepeace Island in Australia! Your hunt for the most obviously heart-shaped islands ends here, as Australia’s Noosa River on the Sunshine Coast is home to one of the most wonderful nature’s heart-shaped sights. This fantastic island is Sir Richard Branson’s home in Australia and it can accommodate 22 guests. So, what else to do than enjoy it!

Galesnjak Island, Croatia


Translated, this name means Lover’s Island, so it’s basically the perfect place to spend St Valentine’s day at!  Adriatic Sea is known to be the host of some of the most beautiful destinations and this one is no exception.  The small island is privately owned and uninhabited, however –  visitors can enjoy the azure blue waters and untouched beaches. Coming here will be a perfect choice for an even more perfect holiday!

Tupai, French Polynesia


Are you maybe planning to propose on St Valentine’s? Are you celebrating your wedding anniversary? No? Well, that’s okay – Tupai isn’t perfect for just newlyweds or those celebrating their enduring love but for everybody who’s got love in their hearts. Tupai is the perfect place for any starry-eyed travelers and everyone who is big on indulging! In Tupai, you can have some of the most romantic and intimate experiences in the world. Is there anything better than starting your day with a tour by air, then landing and enjoying a cruise to Tahiti, only to end the day with a champagne glass in your hand while coconut trees give you shade. Amazing!

Harbor Island, USA


If you want to keep it in the US, there’s definitely something to do here, too. The cute little Harbor Island sits in the middle of Bucks Harbor, Brooksville, Maine. This island has an amazing history which makes it even more wonderful – it was originally bought to ensure the trees were saved from logging, which is why it is today protected with conservation orders. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to stay at Harbor Island but ‘Buck Harbor is wonderful too and you’ll find plenty of romantic places to visit along the Maine coast.

Even though we’ve told you these gorgeous islands are all heart-shaped, unfortunately – you won’t be able to see that for yourself unless you go on a helicopter tour.  Still, knowing one of your next destinations is heart-shaped is amazing enough, isn’t it?

Guest Contributor- Nicole Noel


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