7 Reasons Why You MUST Celebrate Valentine’s Day!

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Valentine’s Day is here and yes! we have to celebrate this overrated day. We just HAVE to, come what may. Don’t ask me why! Actually, ask me. Well! I’m just gonna answer without you guys asking me 😛 So just read on!

#1. To celebrate ‘love’!

Valentine’s Day is supposedly the festival of love and festivals are supposed to be celebrated. Right?

#2. You just get one day in 365/366 days to show your partner that you love him/ her!

ONE day in a year. OMG! You must make your partner feel loved for a day.

#3. Help the greeting card companies and the florists in making some money!

Make sure you buy those silly cards with typical lovey-dovey messages and red roses as well.

#4. Everyone else is celebrating it!

Who cares! Everyone else is celebrating it so you just HAVE to. #HerdMentality

#5. Show the world that you love your partner!

Don’t give a damn about whether your partner feels loved or not. Just find out ways to show the world that you love your partner. Oh! The ways are already there; Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Blah… Blah… Blah

#6. Loving someone is all about the roses, the chocolates, the meals out and the gifts you get your partner for Valentine’s Day!

Basically, love is ONLY about the superficial shit.

#7. Make use of the opportunity to make those who are single burn with jealousy!

You know why you should do that? Because Valentine’s Day is the ONLY day of the year when someone who’s single MIGHT get jealous of a person who’s committed 😛

P.S. It might seem as though I’m allergic to love and all of that. I’m NOT. Most of you might think that this piece is by someone who’s single and is frustrated with the whole Valentine’s Day shit because she doesn’t have anyone 😛 Well. It’s not that either. It’s just this that in my opinion, Valentine’s Day is way too overrated and that you MUST love your partner and make your partner feel loved every day and not just for ONE day in a year. Why take ONE day outta 365/366 days to show your love towards someone? In reality, love is a very deep thing, something that we show every single day of our life, It isn’t a one time thing


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