Sorrows Of A Shopaholic!

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I can’t resist shopping. Do I even have enough will power? Well. I do, generally but not when it comes to shopping. I can’t help but just keep SHOPPING! Things have gone from bad to worse because of online shopping. It’s like I can shop all the time. Shop for anything and everything from anywhere and everywhere. I’m sure some of you are sailing in the same boat. shopaholic

It’s actually satisfying to see all those clothes in my closet and the shoes and the accessories but yeah! It isn’t all that great as well.

Listing a few sorrows of a shopaholic!

#1. No money honey!

You’re often broke because you spent most of your pocket money/ salary on shopping.

#2. Sale is the magic word! Maybe NOT!

Sales excite you beyond explanation. Oh! You get whatever you want at a cheaper price yet you manage to overspend. How! Why! Uh!Simple! Because you think, “damn! It’s on sale. Lemme just keep picking up things because later, I might have to spend more for the same damn thing”. shopaholic

#3. Savings? What’s that?

No matter how hard you try to save up, you just never can. You ALWAYS INVARIABLY end up spending it all on shopping.

#4. Your closet is way too stuffed!

If you shop more, you’d just have no place to keep those things yet you continue doing what you do best. Your closet just can’t hold it anymore. Solution? Get another closet 😛

#5. Shopping is habitual!

It’s your habit and ummmm! as they say, ‘old habits die hard’. You know for a fact that this habit of yours isn’t doing you any good yet you just can’t help it. shopaholic


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