5 Reasons Behind Your Aunts Wanting You To Get Married!

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“Winter is Coming!”

Game Of Thrones! Game Of Thrones! Game Of Thrones! Oh! Winter also means Christmas, New Year, winter clothes, being under our blankets and holidays! Yaaaayyy! That’s how I see winters or maybe even you do. But UNFORTUNATELY, not everyone sees it that way. Those being our aunts 😛 By Aunts, I don’t mean and include the nice ones, I’m talking about the ones who keep on about our wedding and keep bombarding us with questions about our marriage. Yeah! I’m talking about them. For those aunts, winter merely means ‘wedding season’.

I always wondered why these women continuously talk about marriage and getting people married! WHY! Why do they keep picking on someone or the other? Why do they keep interfering? Why do they want us married? So after giving it a thought for so long (Really long! Been years now! :D) I think I finally managed to came up with a few reasons on why our ‘aunts’ keep talking about marriage!

Here are a few reasons behind your aunt wanting you to get married!

#1. They need gossip!

‘Oh! He’s getting married to that girl!’ ‘Do you know something? Mr. Sharma’s daughter is getting married to her boyfriend.’ ‘It’s a love marriage. I wonder how they met.’

Tada! New gossip! Latest news! For at least a month, their gossip sessions are sorted.

#2. They die for entertainment!

Weddings are entertaining! Don’t you think so? So high on drama, they are.

#3. They are bored!

These “aunts” are so bored of everything in life that they need something interesting and wohooo! what’s more interesting that someone else’s life?

#4. They are blessed with a chance to show off!

‘I got this new saree from Ritu Kumar for the wedding.’ ‘My husband got these diamond earrings for me. It’s an anniversary gift’.

#5. They are jealous!

I think these aunts are just jealous of the fact that people who aren’t married are leading a more peaceful life 😛


My Dear Nagging Aunt, 

I have nothing against you but I think you should just stop nagging people about marriage. You don’t need to keep irritating me and my parents about my marriage. I’ll get married when I want to and when I’m ready for it. I understand that you’re concerned but why on earth are you concerned? Well… I don’t think I’ll ever understand you so I’ll just let it go. Marriage is a very interesting topic, for you but try not talking about it much. Please. TRY! 

Thank you!

An Engineer. Pursuing MBA.
I believe in #GirlPower!

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