Shit Bombay People Say!

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After being brought up in Bombay and shifting to Delhi at the age of 7 there came a day when I decided to go back to Bombay for my under grads!

It was definitely one of the best decisions I ever made, so don’t consider this to be a hate post BUT there are a few things that really annoy me when it comes to Bombay and the people!

#1. I don’t understand Hindi!

So, during my first week of college a few people told me that they don’t understand Hindi and so I should talk to them in English (I was fine with this since a number of people in Bombay genuinely don’t understand Hindi) BUT guess what? They understand Bollywood music somehow and oh, they can sing Honey Singh songs!

#2. Oh, you’re from Delhi!

If you are from Delhi, this is one thing you can’t escape in Bombay.

YEAH! I am from Delhi, what about it?

#3. In Delhi you can’t step out after dark, right?

Of course we don’t step out after dark, we don’t work and all organizations, restaurants and bars where you see women they are imaginary (get a life please)!

#4. There is no public transport in Delhi!

You obviously don’t know what’s happening around the world (Oh wait, world is too much, let’s start with country as of now) and you most definitely don’t consider the Delhi metro, autos, cycle rickshaws as public transport.

#5. Y’all want to go out tonight / y’all are free?

You know writing You All is easier than writing y’all and what on earth is y’all why can’t you just say YOU ALL. Trust me it’s not that tough. Try it!

#6. Delhi people are not friendly!

If you don’t consider us friendly, I really want to know what you are. Three years in Bombay and trust me these Bombay people have an air about themselves which is absolutely baseless!

#7. Vada Pav!

Is the answer to EVERYTHING. ‘Kuch khaa lete hai’ ‘Chal ek vada pav khareed le’.

#8. Side Ho!

If you travel by the locals, you know what I am talking about!

#9. Bollywood Music?

Oh, we only listen to English music.

And when they enter a club *Man, mad songs are playing tonight man*

*Starts singing Sooraj Dooba Hai, Chhittiya Kalaiaya*

#10. Let’s go ‘clubbing’ this weekend!

Why would you want to go to the same club every week and see the same people and do the same thing every weekend? Are you really so bored in life?

#11. Oh! This is so normal!

So when they see actors they behave VERY normal but these same people line up outside the homes of these Bollywood actors during their birthdays.

#12. Bombay has good places to eat!

I can say this on behalf of a number of Delhi people: Sorry to break your heart you Bombay people but if you consider the existing places in Bombay as ‘good places’ you really need to eat at Nandos, Big Chill, Bukhara and then of course MOMOS and CHAAT from the streets (This is just an example – the list is endless)

#13. What Men?

What do you really mean by What Men?

Are you trying to figure out the kind of men? Are you asking for an option in men?

I am still trying to figure this out.

Like I said, this is not a hate post and I love Bombay and I could kill to go on a holiday right now but you know!

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