Istanbul, Turkey – A vacation long overdue

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Who doesn’t love the occasional vacation? Be it some place closer to the city you are in or across seas. One of the excuses of going on a vacation when you are a fashion blogger is inspiration to post something different from the regular, to capture interesting photographs. And so, this time, a quick, long overdue, vacation to Istanbul, Turkey was planned.


So, without further ado here is a look at some of the most beautiful and interesting spots Istanbul has to offer.

We decided to check out the night-life at Taksim first, the city centre in Istanbul. Taksim is to Istanbul what Bandra is to Mumbai. While clubs enticing us with free shots was surely a unique experience, we somehow managed to make our way to Club 360, located strangely enough within a residential apartment, with a view from the roof to die for!


View from Club 360

The next morning, we did our touristy bit. Headed out to the Sultan Ahmet area for some sightseeing – Places we researched on Wikipedia and Google before our trip.

But before we reached our destination, with my persisting insistence, I drove my travel buddies crazy with a zillion stops, at various cafes.










Traditional dish, the traditional way!

Eventually we made our way to the Galata tower, famous for its breath taking view of the entire city. This place surely makes you feel like you’re the king of the castle – a statement corroborated by another group of tourists too.



View from Galata tower


View from Galata Tower


View from Galata tower

Next day, while touring the city we stumbled upon these rainbow hued stairs (Ahh! This city has no dearth of unique). Incidentally these stairs also star in the Turkish version of Pharell William’s hit song “Happy”. So we just had to get a shot here styled in our best!


Today, again, on agenda for me was relishing on some local cuisine and I was indeed pleased with it. While Turkey has many a unique dishes and drinks, I thoroughly enjoyed a local brew (EFES PILSEN) and later Lintel Soup, which tasted like thick chicken broth (PS: Breads are free here wherever you eat)


Local Brew


Lentil Soup

Later in the evening we met a gorgeous lady, Charlotte, who brought us to speed about these amazing beach parties at Suma, something we had never come across in our research. So not wasting any more time we headed to Suma and were more than glad that we did. This evening turned actually out to be a highlight of our trip.


Suma Island

Beach party at Suma


Some light snacks!

On the last day, before we headed to the airport, we made a pit stop at Ortakoy for some breakfast by the Bosphorous sea. With its delicious food and great views this was a breakfast like none ever.



If you are contemplating a vacation soon I will for sure recommend Istanbul, Turkey as a great destination to relax and unwind!

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