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60’s Fashion is back!

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Then & Now !

5 Styles To Be Repeated

Fashion, over the past decades, influenced by people, place and time, has evolved and acquired a particular taste in eccentric and outlandish. From robes to miniskirts, lame to sheer, gloves to midi rings, fashion varied in styles, patterns and colours, and with each decade that passed, there was a distinct mark left behind. The “old folks” not only had the style and taste that stood out in degrees of elegance but also had the attitude to carry it off with just the right amount of bold. Bling, neutral, plaids, polka, lace, crochet, back then, they had it all!

Today we find ourselves compelled to follow the modish trends of mixing chic with cool and funky with formal in an attempt to bring a little outré into our mundane routine. However if there’s anywhere the statement “history repeats itself” has proved correct, it is fashion.

And from where we stand it seems the 1960’s are back! We feel that the 60’s fashion is going to make a come back in a big way this year. So, for you, in slides ahead are a few styles that ruled the 60’s Fashion scene and are going to rock the future!

Head Scarves

Remember Audrey Hepburn in Charade? That triangular piece of satin thrown over the head, tied below the chin, made a statement. It was feminine and class. Head scarves were a rage in the 60s, as well as the 50s, and the best part about this head accessory is that it goes perfectly well with anything. You can team it up with a dress for a sunny day outside or even with sarees to add more elegance. You can tie it below the chin for a casual look or wrap the ends around the neck for chic.

Sailor Shorts

If you’re looking to kiss those denim cut-offs goodbye and add a pop of style to your wardrobe, we suggest Sailor Shorts all the way from the 1960’s and 40’s. These pair of high waist shorts elongate the legs and accentuate the waist giving an illusion of tall and thin. They differ from the run-of-the-mill denim shorts as they enhance the curves around the waist and are loose at the thigh, so farewell insecurities! Pair them with a crop top or a tank top and add a jacket to the look, and you are ready for all those summer adventures you’ve been planning!

Translucent Overcoats

Well, that’s only a more sophisticated way of naming ‘Raincoats’! The rains have always been romantic but you know what adds more romance to the weather outside? It’s a little fashion inside! Specifically designed to repel rain and protect our clothes, how about we use these babies to show off the outfit we wear? Introduced in the 1800’s, these coats served the officers posted in trenches during World War I, and become a fashion must have in the 60’s and the 70’s.

Flared Pants

From being a functional design for the US navy fleet in the nineteenth century, flared pants or “bell bottoms” have sailed a long way in the cruise of fashion through the years. At first considered a symbol of old fashioned bad taste, flared pants have been introduced and re-introduced time and again transiting from function to fashion. Made from denim, bright cotton, satin polyester and corduroy, these 1960’s trousers became very popular and signified the queer and bizarre of the 70’s. With their nautical influence they are appealing in the work-wear category, a perfect alternative to the boring formal wear. You can team it up just about anything ranging from spaghettis to crop tops to tunics accessorised with love beads and floral jackets giving it boho-hippie look! Style your pair of flared pants with platforms and you’re good to go for day-out with your girlfriends.

Thigh-High Boots

Boots have never gone out of style and top every girl’s list of must haves but what has not been seen for quite some time now are the ones that towered all the way to the mid-thigh. They are a bold statement; the perfect combination of fashionable and sultry. Much controversial, these boots stand out for scandal and have to be carried with great confidence, but if done Oh my, you’ve got yourself a winner! They work fabulously well with denim shorts and a white tee during the day as well as a little black dress for a flirty date night.

Fashion is that little girl who watches her mother dress in front of the mirror every day and hopes to be that one day. She mimics, follows the trends and creates something never seen before.

So ladies, let’s go vintage this season!


As a young Medical Student, one wouldn’t think that ‘fashion’ is her forte, but with a sense of personal style giving her an edge over routine do’s and don’ts, she is trying to cast off this exact stereotype. She believes style should reflect attitude and if people just get comfortable with this, the fashion world can be transformed. She loves experimenting with colours and designs, says inspiration can come from anywhere. The way you dress has the power to convey what you feel.. Craziness. Romance. Boldness.. With a mind to mix classic with quirky, she hopes to leave a mark with her ideas.

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